Physics Nuggets

This project, designed for Wonder Yonder Instagram page is a compilation of mini stories, comic strips that explain foundational physics concepts. I have used storytelling as a technique to illustrate the idea behind each concept.

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An illustrated mix-n-match book for an Entrepreneuship Curriculum

This illustrated book designed and conceptualised for REAL Foundation helps aspiring entrepreneurs

brainstorm on various personalities of target customers for their business idea.


Encouraging healthy eating habits among young children | Traditional Indian Foods

This is a collection of five storybooks designed and conceptualised for

EarlyFoods Pvt. Ltd

with one traditional food item being the highlight of each book, in order to inspire and engage young audiences to appreciate, learn about, cultivate an interest in and develop awareness for local, traditional food items, dishes and recipes.


Redesign of Gender Module | Student workbook, Teacher's manual, worksheets

This project focuses on redesigning the program resources created by Protsahan Foundation on gender identities, discrimination and inequalities - to make it simple, easy to understand, visually impactful and engaging for the teachers and program participants.

Coming soon

Vivid memories

Collection of illustrations, exploring different styles and techniques.