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We created a book for REAL Foundation to help aspiring entrepreneurs create their target customer profiles and identify value propositions by formulating the XYZ hypothesis proposed by the famous innovator-thinker Alberto Savoia. 
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We created a series of comics to simplify the Fundamentals of Electric Charges and Static Electricity for High-schoolers.  Click here to check out this project. 

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We created a visual-explainer in partnership with CRY India (Child Rights and You) for a campaign on Normalisation of periods on Menstrual Hygiene day. Click here to check out this project.


We created this visual narrative for Museum of Solutions, Mumbai on the Science Behind Anxiety for a young audience. Click here to check out this project.

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We created this visual-narrative for Smartivity Labs India to explain the Science behind the workings of a Microscope. Click here to check out this project.


We redesigned a Student Activity Booklet on Gender Equality and Inclusivity for Protsahan India Foundation. Click here to check out this project.


We created this mini-game to help people learn about the combination of nucleotide bases in our DNA. Click here to play the game.

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We constantly create comics and narratives around topics ranging from genetics, astronomy to philosophy, history, chemistry and much more.
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