Hello there!

We are a research and design firm committed to making learning fun through beautiful illustrations, well-crafted narratives and engaging learning experiences.

Have you wondered if that oh-so-hard physics chapter can be made into an illustrated story?

Have you wondered if there was an easier way to absorb the ideas presented in that super-intellectual, never-ending, oh-so-exhausting non-fiction book, without falling asleep or dropping it midway?

Have you wondered if books can let you play with them, popping to life with every flip of the page?

Have you wondered if learning can be made fun?

If so, you have reached the right place! 

I am a designer-creator exploring these very questions through my works. I have had a lot of success finding answers to these questions, through endless experimentation, exposure and execution. My expertise includes but is not limited to Product, Curriculum, Visual Design, Illustration and Design strategy. 

My journey has led me to truly experience the joy and thrill in learning something new everyday. I'm on a mission to help everyone enjoy learning as much as I do. If you are someone that shares the same vision, then why wait, let's collaborate.

Oh, and do take a look at some fun learning experiences I have created in the past. I'm sure I can create some extraordinary experiences for you and your vision too!

Let's look yonder.

- Nikitaa Sivaakumar, Founder, Wonder Yonder